3 Fashion-Tech Startups to Watch: EDITD, ShopSuey, TheRunThrough

An FMG snapshot of 3 Fashion/Tech startups that are well on their way…




London-based start-up EDITD provides social metrics and market data to help fashion brands make the right decisions on design, merchandising, and pricing.  In June of this year EDITD also raised $1.6 million in seed financing from Index Ventures.    

EDITD looks to be a genuinely disruptive platform that provides real-time “3.0” fashion forecasting, analytics, and market intelligence.  EDITD is reshaping how the fashion ‘trend forecasting’ industry operates by providing real time data instead of just being a ‘predictive’ service. 

More importantly, the team at EDITD has created a beautifully designed site, where look and feel, messaging, functionality, UI, and hard-core tech, all seamlessly combine to make for an exceptionally compelling offering.   This company is a standout.      

Two of our favorite resources, Signature9 and Business of Fashion have already written extensively on EDITD.  Read on.



Founder/CEO (and FMG Member) Lisa Morales-Hellebo (@lisahellebo) has also created a potentially disruptive “social commerce” platform with ShopSueyMarket

Over a year in development, ShopSuey aims to use its proprietary curation technology to help stem the overwhelming tide of digital information confronting fashion seekers today.


The site curates personalized fashion looks for each user in real-time based on direct data feeds from retailers, while making it easy for users to share, customize, and revise the styles they receive. The company also provides shopping analytics to a rapidly-growing list of A-tier retail partners.

According to Morales-Hellebo, ShopSuey is, “a search engine that delivers smart groups of related goods as results.  Ultimately, we want to become the daily touchstone in every busy woman’s life by easily answering the question, ‘what am I wearing today?’ “

The company is still in its beginning stages but has an experienced team behind it and a trend/tech-savvy CEO who understands that consumer-centric shopping is the future of commerce.

ShopSuey’s recent demo at the DC Tech Meetup


 TheRunThrough is a new private B2B site that aims to connect leading fashion brands with editors to make the heretofore, very complicated, labor-intensive sample-pulling process much more efficient.    

According to an article in Mashable , “seventeen brands have signed on to the launch, including Cartier, Bulgari, Donna Karan, Tory Burch, and Rebecca Minkoff.” 

Free to editors to browse collections, the site will generate revenue by charging the brands themselves $6,000 yearly.  At first glance, TheRunThrough looks like a great example of a start-up effectively using tech to make an existing fashion industry process much more turnkey for everybody.

They have already been mentioned in both tech media (Mashable) and fashion media (WWD) outlets - a superb start for a Fashion/Tech startup.


@JedWexler for FMG