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Oct 17

J.Crew’s Data-Driven Approach to Fashion and Content

image via J.Crew

This is a great post via TrackMaven’s company blog;


"As the world of fashion becomes more and more digital, retail marketers have a major opportunity to measure their competitive positioning and digital content strategies.

Under the leadership of Mickey Drexler, J.CREW has done just that, proving that you can be both fashion-forward and analytically proactive.”

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Sep 07

The Best Use of Video in the Fashion Industry - From Content to Commerce

Sep 05

Signature9 Launches Data Store Featuring The Top Fashion & Beauty Purchase Influencing Blogs in the World.


They have kindly offered FMG Members $50 off any available blogger index on their site.  Just use the discount code:  FMG50

- Download a list of the Top 250 Purchase Influencers by region (North & South America or EMEA3)
- Download a list of the Top 250 Purchase Influencers and websites by visitor behavior 

For more info click here

Thanks Signature9! 

Team FMG

Aug 01

Nordstrom Buys Mens Subscription Shopping Site Trunk Club (via Slate)

From Slate:image

The basic principle of Trunk Club is simple: Men hate to shop. So what if they didn’t need to? What if, for a reasonable fee, a stylist evaluated a man’s clothing preferences and then shipped him an assortment of items to try? Maybe enough men would prefer a service like that to the slog of shopping to make a profitable business.

Nearly five years down the line, Trunk Club is doing well enough that big-name retailers are taking note. On Thursday, Nordstrom announced that it was buying Trunk Club for an undisclosed sum to help tap the growing market for men’s fashion and to better integrate its physical and online operations.

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Jul 14

This Month’s FMG E-letter: 3 Things That Will Immediately Improve Your Fashion E-Commerce


Read on…..

Jun 24

This is Great Fashion E-Commerce Advice (Infographic by @ReferralCandy)

This is a really helpful infographic from our friends at Referral Candy - great, tactical fashion e-commerce advice from some of the industry’s top entrepreneurs.

We’re paraphrasing here (but do check out their link for more);

1) Clearly identify your niche

2) Find out what your customers want

3) Create delightful experiences for your customers

4) Engage your customers (don’t just collect an email sign-up)

5) Run a referral program

6) Create content that your customers love

7) Utilize social media

8) Be Authentic

See the infographic here.

Jun 03

The Pop Up Flea is at it again with a great event powered by Detroit brand Shinola.   Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8.

The Pop Up Flea is at it again with a great event powered by Detroit brand Shinola.   Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8.

May 28

In Case You Missed It: Amazon Extends its Shopping Cart to Twitter

We came across this on TechCrunch a while back - Amazon is now allowing users to add items to their Amazon shopping carts directly from Twitter.   We would love to see a robust tool/platform that helps independent brands in the same way.

This from TechCrunch:

"Amazon has just introduced a new feature that lets Twitter users add items to their Amazon carts by including a hashtag within a tweet.

After the user connects their Twitter account to Amazon, they can extend their Amazon shopping experience by tweeting a reply to Amazon product links they see on Twitter including the hashtag #AmazonCart — or #AmazonBasket in the UK — to add the product to their shopping basket.

“Add it now, buy it later” is the slogan Amazon is using on a promo video explaining the new feature.

The feature not only extends the retail reach of Amazon beyond its own website, reducing purchase friction, but co-opts Twitter users into product marketing activity — since they are publishing tweets indicating which items they are buying from Amazon.”

Read the rest of the article here:

Apr 28

Sarah Jessica Parker to be Honored at CLIO Image Awards - Finalists Announced


As you may know, the CLIO Image fashion awards are fast approaching on May 7.

Some of the top agencies and content creators in the world will be honored for their creativity in fashion advertising and marketing.

The Finalists.

You can view a complete list of the finalists here:  brands and agencies on the shortlist include Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Refinery 29, Google Creative Partnerships, Harrods, Sapient Nitro, Mother, Laird + Partners, Chandelier Creative, Hub Strategy, and Conde Nast Media Group.


Bravo’s Andy Cohen

FMG is a CLIO Image media partner.

Apr 12

A good Press Release site for fashion industry?

Member Question:  Hi, I’m about to send out our first press release (we’re fashion technology) and after reading tons of articles on the subject I’m left with PRWEB premium package as the best option. But isn’t there a PR release site that focuses solely on fashion news and that will get us somewhere? If you know I’m all ears! thanks a mil! 

FMG:  Hi Vanessa!   We actually recommend not doing broadcast press releases when launching products or services.   We believe its more effective to take a targeted approach by reaching out to media, bloggers, and influencers on a one-to-one basis.   This takes a lot more research but well worth it.

Apr 10

Yahoo Hires Bobbi Brown to Run Beauty Site (via Recode)

Content just got that much closer to commerce.   Via Recode.  

photo of Bobbi Brown:  Recode

an excerpt;

"In its posting on the appointment, Yahoo said Brown “will lead editorial direction, original content and the expansion and re-imagination” of the beauty site. Brown, who will keep her job at the cosmetics company, said, in part: “Beauty is not just about makeup, it’s about lifestyle and confidence.”

Read the entire post at Recode here.

How Samsung Penetrated the Fashion Industry (via Fashionista)

This is a great piece from Fashionista on how Samsung has pursued ‘influencers’ in the fashion industry.

Read the entire article here.

Mar 24

Birchbox Steps Out From Web With a Store

Birchbox, the online subscription beauty products company for women and men, is headed the way of Warby Parker, Bonobos, and Piperlime - and planning to open its first retail store this Spring.

The New York Times just wrote about it today - our favorite excerpt;

Even today, can a retail company exist exclusively online?  A recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers concluded that what consumers really want is the “Total Retail” experience, not separate channels like online, mobile and in-store, but a fully integrated relationship with a brand.   

Convenient physical stores, a website capable of handling purchases, a mobile site or app - these capabilities are simply the price of admission for a healthy relationship with a consumer.”

Click here for the entire NYTimes article

Feb 20

Fashion Digital Los Angeles: A Conference for Fashion E-Commerce Execs - May 7, 2014


How do you create personalized content to help your e-commerce? How are bitcoins affecting fashion? Um, what is a bitcoin?   

If you want answers then we recommend attending Fashion Digital Los Angeles, day-long conference on fashion e-commerce taking place in Los Angeles on May 7, 2014.  

They’ve also given us a 25% Discount to pass along to FMG Members and industry friends.  

Use this Discount Code: MP-25EIGHT

Register Here:

Fashion Digital Los Angeles will touch on fashion, E-commerce, and content trends (with an LA vibe of course).  It’s warmer there. Much warmer.

Event Date

May 7, 2014


Director’s Guild of America Theater

7920 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Keynote Speakers:  Dori Howard, CEO Milk and Honey Shoesand comedian Whitney Cummings

Other speakers include: - Lee Anne Grant, Director of Business Development

Supra Footwear - Shad Lambert, Community Director

Wasteland - Amanda Mitzman, Director of E-Commerce

J. Hilburn - Veeral Rathod, CEO and Founder

Los Angeles Times - Jennifer Collins, VP Revenue Development

JustFab - Amy Zhou, VP Product

Invodo - Tom Niemeyer, VP Content & Commerce

Entire list of speakers here:

Look forward to seeing some of our west coast members in LA!  

*FMG is a media partner for this event.

Jan 30

How the Men’s Fashion Consumer Will Save Our Economy, Brands, and E-Commerce.

By: Jed Wexler

“As male consumers begin to take to style and fashion with the same fervour as their female counterparts, menswear is a growing priority for luxury and fashion brands.(Business of Fashion)


Louis Vuitton Menswear ‘13, Photo Cred: High Snobiety

A $50 Billion Opportunity.  As of Today.

By now the menswear and mens e-commerce movement is in full-swing.  We are fortunate to be living in a golden age of mens bloggers and brands creating great collections and even better content.

In an attempt to map out the future, we decided to take a snapshot of the mens brands, bloggers, and e-commerce sites currently taking things to another level - consider it a mens market refresher.

This rising crop (and countless others) has enabled men to seek and easily find the latest menswear looks, info, and product, and on any device.  The mens market has certainly come a long, long way.  All signs point to the male consumer buying fashion at record levels - with no sign of stopping.   How did we get here and why is this so important?

The Menswear Movement.  A Quick History.

1985 only 25% of all mens apparel was bought by men.  75% was bought by women for men. (NPD)

1998 men were buying 52% of apparel for themselves (NPD) but in….

2004 …it was 69% with no sign of slowing. (NPD)

2005 “The result is a full-blown category of menswear that draws equally from skateboard and surf culture, the preppy canon and the runways of Prada & Marc Jacobs.”  (NYTimes, June 19, 2005)

2011  Does the Menswear Industry Matter?  Um, yes. (Forbes)

2011 Study shows that men are more active social shoppers than women (E Marketing and Commerce) 

2012 “Men don’t shop; they buy. Men spend 30 percent less time browsing online than women, viewing fewer pages before purchasing,” Frederico Marchetti, CEO of Yoox

2012 “Men are the New Women……The luxury menswear market is growing at almost 14 percent per year, outpacing growth in womenswear by almost double.” (Business of Fashion, Bain) 

2013 “Men, look how far you have come….the arrival of a generation of young men who are taking more risks with their style.”  (NY Times February 13, 2013)

2014…….$50 Billion.  At least.

In 2013 sales of Mens apparel were up 2.8% to $58.6B for the 12 months ended September (NPD).

According to Bain & Co, sales grew more quickly for men’s than for women’s apparel, which inched up only .9% to $111.63B in the US.  In contrast, sales of men’s high-end and ready-to-wear apparel rose 10% over the same period.


The Armory New York, Photo Cred: A Continuous Lean

In our view, women’s brands are really just competing to shift existing market share in an already hyper-competitive, maxed-out market (emerging markets notwithstanding).  A huge market for sure, but one with nowhere near the opportunity presented by the mens market, especially for new brands.  But how do you reach them?   Part of the solution can be found by first taking a look at some of today’s most impactful mens fashion blogs and emerging brands.   It’s an expert combination of beautifully designed product, content, convenience, community building, and digital branding savvy.

Men’s Fashion Bloggers and Content Sites

Here is a short (and in no way comprehensive or quantitative) list of mens bloggers and lifestyle sites to keep an eye on. As we’ve mentioned before, the best metric to follow is the level of content engagement - not necessarily size, traffic levels, or # of followers.   The content in these sites tends to be straightforward, easy-to-follow, and educational from a men’s lifestyle perspective.

Niche, Tastemaker, Tailoring, Craftsmanship. Club Monaco’s “Culture Club” content site

and of course

Larger, more mainstream media sites.     (Complex Media)  (Complex Media) (GQ)

Examples of smaller, niche Tumblrs with good engagement.  (from the editor of Gilt Man)

Men’s Brands


Best Made Company 

A collection of (mostly) emerging mens brands and E-commerce sites doing great things with product design, quality content, and social storytelling.  We also recommend following these on Instagram to get the bigger picture. (mens and womens sunglasses) (men and women)

The granddaddy of them all

As you can see there is a wide range of mens style and culture resources now readily available. You no longer have to live in LA or NYC to have the latest and greatest intel.

What to Do

Brands: select blogger partners based on quality of content and engagement - bigger is not always better.   Build community around great product and high quality content.

Bloggers: reach out to brands that are a good fit for your content.  All brands need content these days, and lots of it.

Build Your Story:  to paraphrase designer Paul Smith, there is a story in everything you do.  If you can’t find one, look again  

Curation and Editorial Content:  present unique, educational editorial content that doesn’t try too hard – straightforward, informative, but elegant (and that doesn’t mirror women’s content). 

Strategize, Track, and Measure: measure the effectiveness of the content you post whether you’re a brand or blogger.   Content creators and brands should work together to co-establish key (and attainable) success metrics that can help extend the life of the content you both publish.

We Repeat, A $50 Billion Opportunity.

There’s still about $50B out there up for grabs in the U.S. alone.  That’s “billion” with a capital ‘B.’

Additional Resources

Shopping Behavioral Differences Between Men and Women

Men Are Out-Shopping Women Online

6 Trends Driving Mens E-Commerce   (from 2012 but a good refresher)

Proliferation of Shops for Men Only

You can also find this post on Medium.